Dental Implants

permanent tooth replacements

An implant is a titanium post (root) that is surgically placed into the jaw bone below the gum surface. It forms a secure foundation for a single tooth, multiple teeth or dentures. In many cases teeth can be added to the implant the day of the surgery. Also an implant placed at time of tooth extraction is very common. Virtual implants and crowns are constructed using 3D digital technology Teeth-in-a-Day® and All-on-4® are both common.
(All-on-4® = 4 implants in either the upper or lower jaw and permanent teeth).


tooth removal

Treatment is available for single or multiple teeth, including impacted wisdom teeth. Removal of teeth and immediate implant placement is also included. Extractions can also be used for the removal of abscessed, infected, fractured or endodontically treated (root canal) teeth and wisdom teeth.


alteration/pathology of the jaw joint

“TMJ” describes symptoms of popping, spontaneous dislocation, pain, and/or grinding of the “jaw joint”/temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  Symptoms may be caused by early life or recent trauma, malocclusion (“bite off”), arthritis, or upper and lower jaw being misaligned (chin too far out or too far back). Surgery is rarely recommended.


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